The cliffs of San Bartolo emerges from the beaches of Romagna Marche as a succession of undulating spurs and valleys that slope into the sea, interspersed here and there by sheer cliffs. E 'characterized by three beaches: Casteldimezzo, Vallugola Bay and of Focara .


The beach Casteldimezzo is the wildest because the one less traveled, is a small little beach made ??of some creek composed exclusively of pebbles.

It is about 2km from the farm , and can be reached by car or on foot via a paved road characterized by steep and narrow hairpin bends overlooking the sea.

beach Casteldimezzo

Baia Vallugola

The Vallugola Bay is a wonderful natural bay, where there is a small bathing facilities and a couple of restaurants, is located a few kilometers south of the Catholic, about 4.5 km from the farm.

Into The pebble beach and crystal clear water make this place a paradise ... a real peculiarity in the Riviera usually identified by the chaos and endless rows of chairs and umbrellas. And 'possible to reach the Bay Vallugola easily by car or scooter along the scenic road that winds its way from Mount Gabicce to Pesaro.

Spiaggia di Vallugola

Fiorenzuola di Focara

The Beach Fiorenzuola di Focara is certainly the most picturesque, sandy beach, clear water is particularly suitable for children, ideal for those who enjoy the beach all day, so informal, perhaps equipping with food lunches. It 's completely free, free sun beds and umbrellas, which leave no room for typical shelters made ??of branches and logs received on the shoreline after the winter storms, with which visitors create shelter from the sun, with the help of sheets or sarongs; One presence is that of the lifeguard.

Into The beach is about 3 km from the farm , 2km to the village of Fiorenzuola where you can easily park your car and then about 1.5 km walk along a paved road, as an alternative in summer shuttle service (operational in June, July and August).

Fiorenzuola di Focara

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